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Ironic June 5, 2008

Filed under: wall of the wierd — hannaherika @ 4:41 am

I went to the office in Net Cube, Fort Bonifacio to give my pasalubong to my teammates. I didn’t bring a car so after this I called a cab so that I could go to the Enterprise Center, Makati. It was 3pm and I could not believe that it was traffic by that time.

Then, I finally found the cause of the the traffic. It’s a good thing I have my TZ5 at hand, I quickly captured it in action.

And the worst part of it all is… when zoomed, you could see that he is staring at me! OMG! he knows I’m taking a picture of him, I’m dead. I quickly turned my head back and kept my camera in my bag. Then I didn’t turn back again.


4 Responses to “Ironic”

  1. Praveen Ratna Deepak Says:

    Hahah ! Close encounter heh?

  2. Flair Candy Says:

    You betcha! phew! ;-p

  3. Daniel Says:

    Oh my that’s gonna be scary if he does approached you. 😛

    When you’re coming down to KL, give me a call.

  4. Flair Candy Says:

    Thanks Daniel! Leinad! will do 😀 and must give me a tour

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