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Insect bite allergy blues June 7, 2008

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My boss tagged me as the “Mistress of Mishaps.” I have visited the hospital many times this year already. I had too many check-ups. I had some allergies, some infections and even complex fibro adenoma that’s why I had to undergo surgery too. Not to mention my voluntary plastic surgery (or cosmetic surgery) to have my growing mole excised early January.

Even while on vacation I was recognized by nature. Oh yeah, something bit or stung me in my foot. I thought at first that it was just ant bite. But then after our dinner at Lab-as (third day of stay in Dumaguete), the whole of my feet swelled to the point that walking is already very painful.

So, I was rushed again to the hospital and had my tetanus shot. I’m afraid in cases like these because you never know what bit you. I was afraid that a bacteria might have caused the swelling and if that’s the case then that would be very bad because there’s a possibility that your feet would be amputated. Yikes!

After the shot and some pain killers and antihistamine, my feet is all better now.


5 Responses to “Insect bite allergy blues”

  1. Beetlejuice Says:

    cool-just dropped in…

  2. Flair Candy Says:

    thanks for dropping by!


  3. Anonymouse Says:

    What the heck was that Hannah? Freaking scary! Glad your ok now.

  4. Flair Candy Says:

    hey anonymouse yep I’m ok now.. I like your name. Cheers!

  5. ant bite victim Says:

    i know exactly how u feel. one tiny ant bit me at leyte beach a few years ago. 24 hours after that, that foot was twice the size of the other good foot. last night, a group of ants attacked both my feet at a beach near iloilo. i must have been bitten more than 10times on my right foot.thats what brought me here now. research. and the difficulties of walking anywhere right now. 😦

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