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F1’s first Night Race June 16, 2008

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I am out of words as I am at my most excited self ever yet in my entire life. I just bought my tickets to this event and I will be going to Singapore. That’s right, the first ever Formula One night race will be held on September 28, 2008 at Marina, Singapore. Not to mention, this will be my first travel outside my country and I am making it so memorable that I will be part of F1′ history.
Ever since I played Grand Turismo, I knew then that I just love racing and speed. Even just by go-karting I feel so free. I definitely wouldn’t miss this for the world.
If you don’t want to miss this, buy your tickets and fly to Singapore now! The hotel, flight and race tickets are getting more and more expensive as our peso is degrading and I expect that our peso is weak up to November. So the longer it takes for you to decide on buying tickets, the higher you’re going to pay due to our exchange rate.
And, seats are already limitted. I will be travelling on a budget with my love of my life. We purchased tickets by comparing prices and picking out the best possible options (low price yet high quality). And I believe that this is only poissible if you plan early.
See, when I’m excited, I talk a lot. See you in Singapore!

2 Responses to “F1’s first Night Race”

  1. Praveen Ratna Deepak Says:

    U r real lucky u know that? I am talking abt the F1 race. Don’t forget to send us sum snaps!

    And thx for the sub-prime ‘lecture’ I read through it like 2 times and finally got it all sorted now. Whenever I see the words subprime ur write up goes thro my head now..lol.

  2. flaircandy Says:

    I’m glad I instilled something in you. And you understood! I am worried coz I’m a bad teacher. Thanks for taking time to read it! Cheers

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