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Typhoon Frank June 22, 2008

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taken from Inquirer.net

I didn’t know this typhoon was comming until I woke up last night. It was dark, cold and noisy. I couldn’t sleep in complete darkness and every time there’s a power outage while I’m sleeping, I instantly wake up. I don’t know why but it freaks me out. I wish I could just continue sleeping.

It was 3am (my most unfavorite time of the day) and the winds were howling outside our window. The angry rain poured persistently into the whole of the Philipines. Metro Manila is flagged signal #3. Yes, this is so far the biggest typhoon I have seen that really hit Philippines. As I watch the news, I was surprised to see that it almost engulfed every island of the Philippines and almost every town has had tragedies.

Typhoon Frank had at least 299 dead and almost 700 missing – for now. Adding to this, a passenger boat “Princes of the Stars” sinked on the seas near Romblon. Four injured survivors were found in a remote village in Romblon. More of this news here. This report is tragic. The survivor talked about many children trapped in the sinking ship. The pictures taken by a rescuer showed the ship was turned completely up-side down. It was reported that there were no signs of life so far. But some bodies were found dead in nearby shores.

“An elderly man and woman, believed to be a couple, were found dead
with their hands tied to each other at the waters off San Fernando, Cuasito

I just can’t help but feel touched about that statement. There is room for love even in tragedies.

There were landslides in Cotabato and flash floods in Ilo-ilo city. Many were injured and missing here too.

For one thing, this tragedy wasn’t predicted by the guy in my previous post. Even with the typhoons’s path predicted by PAGASA (Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical & Astronomical Services Administration) using scientific methods, still the tragedies involved couldn’t be predicted.


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