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Garlic Longanisa June 23, 2008

Filed under: cooking,personal — hannaherika @ 12:34 pm

I cooked my own breakfast this morning. I put in a little extra effort in waking up early and preparing something for myself. I got this garlic longanisa from Cabanatuan and this is the best, tastiest longanisa I have ever tasted. I added a salted egg and tomatoes to match.


4 Responses to “Garlic Longanisa”

  1. Oliver Bautista San Antonio Says:

    that looks yummy. keep on writing!

  2. geri a.k.a. raredog Says:

    Hmmmm grabe nakakatakam naman yan! Bigla tuloy ako ginutom. Isang order nga po please.

  3. jordache.wee Says:

    what is that looking plaing? is it feeling?

  4. Flair Candy Says:

    I wish I could cook it again and share with you because it’s so tasty!

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