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Scrambled Insanity July 21, 2008

Filed under: personal — hannaherika @ 3:21 pm

If you are reading this right now, then you must care for me…

Don’t be shy whoever you are lol, coz I’d be happy to know someone cares for me too.

I won’t say more, just know that I care too.

I care for people too, sometimes too attached I may be that I confuse my feelings too. Clarity is a simple word but hard to define. The definition being variable amongst different kinds of people.

I get cerebral most of the time and my thoughts get way way deep into meaning. I get lost in my own words, what makes you think you’ll find your way around too.

Weirdness however drives attraction. A significant pull of mystery driven by loads of curiosity. Loving the weird, discovering unknown, collecting rares and acquiring knowledge of limited publicity gently satisfies my insurgent soul.

Contempt, I question for now. As I can’t scale my feelings.

If you just understood what I wrote, congratulations… You’re half autistic just like me… 😉

Enjoy the first few days that this blog is public. But time will pass and I will write the dark side of my thoughts… if this happens I could not afford to make this public anymore…

Well I’m not so dark for all you know.. But probably well, we all have secrets, don’t we?

Dark Candy


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