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The Dark Knowledge August 15, 2008

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You cannot please everyone, but I do my best to almost be pleasant at everyone. But sometimes, it’s just too much. Today is business day 11. Meaning it’s the 2nd week of my peak time every month. Some more, I don’t know if I am officially in charge of my current project. But without clarity, there is confusion. I definitely would like my career to step up even one tiny step up. Just a little upgrade would be healthy.

Currently I am a CPA, I am thinking of studying more and I have the following choices:

1. CFA – gnarly title, for 3 years of exams, very hard exams, the economics part challenging for me since I don’t have enough background for this, finance and accounting I can do well, but I know it also involves some stats and quantitative methods and complicated pricing models which is very hard to measure, also talk about actuary functions – very rare but very classe, this title is really so intimidating, very expensive, but highest paid, dwells more on the finance side.

2. CMA – I can pull this through with a little review, more of management side, quantitative methods are involved also, costing some more, analysis and everything, pretty much what I am doing at my office now, and also needs 3 years experience, not so expensive but still many are CMAs now.

3. SAP – cannot say much I just heard that if you are certified you are paid high. One of my concerns is that some IT people who program accounting modules for small businesses tend to know accounting/booking more also than some of accountants. Since when you program you need to know how the document and transaction flow goes and you need to know what the program will do in cases of conflicts in bookings or something, also very expensive

4. IT course – just a simple basic one I guess, among the 4 this is less expensive and accounting + IT could really do good in a career environment also.

Sigh, so many choices… what to pick?


One Response to “The Dark Knowledge”

  1. Jehzeel Laurente Says:

    I have many friends who were into SAP now and.. they said it was cool but boring job ^__^btw, you can also be an ABAPER if you want 😀 that’s what they call people who are programming SAP or.. basta programmer ng SAP.. hehehe 😀

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