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Invisible Invincibility August 17, 2008

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I was looking back at my past at what I did during my high school and college days and I just can’t help but smile. Those years were rich full of memories and fun activities for me. I remembered in high school, I was dancing the whole time! I have been dancing to almost every event in school… from folk dancing, ballet, interpretative, hiphop and even ballroom!

College days was more of pop and cheerleading for me… I entered a pageant for Ms. JPIA (Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants) and won!!! — but without any video whatsoever… I say regrets to me! I should have captured these moments but I didn’t.

Another enriching memory was when I danced on a competition… solo!!! Man… I wow-ed the judges as far as I know and won… but then again… no documentation there… going back to the days… I just couldn’t help but feel like I don’t want to leave my past…

Now I look ahead… I looked for pictures and videos of my dancecapades and I find nothing, except for some steady after-production pictures that don’t really really mean that much…

sigh… Now, this star quality personality of mine has not had closure yet… I don’t know really for sure but I am honestly feeling that I need to/want to do something to dance again! In the corporate world though… how can you do that?

Now, I am kind-of sort-of apprehensive about something… See, I wanna audition for something big… Like nation-wide coverage exposure or whatever… I want to dance again! So you think you can dance pinoy version anyone!!! gosh, I would die for an audition…

Now I don’t know what Vinz would think about this… He probably knows I am crazy eccentric enough to do all these spontaneous stuff… But then again, I need someone who can also cope up and catch up with my very dynamic personality.

Until then, this is the Dark Candy saying…



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