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Candy Rants August 29, 2008

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Wow! It’s been a while since I have posted from this site… Well, if you don’t know yet, this blog is dedicated for my deep personal thoughts. This is kinda hidden, kinda private and mostly texts unlike my freshly new wordpress blog 😛

Monday: was a holiday, I just kept on fixing my blog’s migration from blogger to wordpress! I made a dangerous move… changing the url of my wordpress log-in… It took me time before I repaired it really.

Tuesday: struggling day at the office. slept super late at night, woke up really early =.= I would like to thank Jehz for helping me migrate my blog 😛 and for hosting my wordpress bloggy

Wednesday: Nuffnang PH is here! Got another letter from Roanna! and… I’m a glitterati member 😛 This is also the start of my Six Sigma Training. We tackled “Critical Thinking” in the morning… Then in the afternoon, we talked about the basics of six sigma.

Thursday: computations for six sigma… we used the “minitab” software… I hate stats but I love math!

Friday: I think I aced the six sigma exam 😛 but so tiring when I went home around 5
:30 pm.. heavy traffic! I drove for 2 hours from The Enterprise Center to Commonwealth. Right now, my back hurts!!! Really painful!

To do tomorrow:
– add ads to my posts and edit categories at the same time
– complete thumbnail of featured ones.
– must start doing yoga again :S

too tired to function,
Hannah a.k.a. Flair Candy


One Response to “Candy Rants”

  1. Jehzeel Laurente Says:

    wow thanks for the mention nah nah 😀 heehee…

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