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Flair Candy’s Imagination – Inspired September 16, 2008

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I have started this photoblog a few months before and it’s entitled Flair Candy’s Imagination.

I just opened it now, and I received 2 appreciative comments. 2 comments that to some might seem immaterial, to me, it meant to be my whole inspiration!

Well then with a humble start I indulge…


Jaded Vomit

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If you vomit for no reason…

does that mean you’re pregnant?


Back to the Basics September 2, 2008

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Today was just a tiring day for me. I don’t want to rant here anymore because I have been ranting to my friends (which I have missed so much) all day long.

I just missed my DKS Batch 4 friends! We talked, chitchatted and gossiped about many things in one of the meeting rooms in our office. I’m talking about Miche, Gretch and Ley… All of us just decided to meet this afternoon since we were all waiting for our system to be updated and we couldn’t do anything with work unless it’s done.

I will post pictures soon…

I want to publicize this blog by the way… But then again, my company would have to detect this blog and fire me because I rant about work here.


Access denied of Shout Out

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*click on the image to enlarge*

My ShoutOutLounge is officially banned *cries* T.T…

See I’m the only one using accessing this in the entire office (as far as I know)… Unless many people also view this swt…

So now I takut to get another proxy!!!

Last time they banned the entire page of shoutoutlounge.com this time they only banned the widget itself, which I think makes it harder to hack swt..

So, to all shouters… I think no shouting in the office for me now… sob sob…