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Playboy Launch at The Lounge February 19, 2010

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This is my first time attending a sexy magazine’s launch. Playboy just launched its its Jan/Feb issue at The Lounge with the legendary director Peque Gallaga and their Playmate of the month Amber Dy.

Starting off 2010 is our tribute to Philippine Cinema, featuring iconic director PEQUE GALLAGA front and center as our first male cover model and sitting for a no-holds barred 20 Questions.

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Everything at Steak! Everything Cheap! Everything Yummy! February 18, 2010

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We started ordering the Moo Fries as our appetizer. The pictures looked really appetizing and we couldn’t wait like little kids to judge if the pictures justify themselves. The Moo Fries arrived and we could smell the melted cheese and spices! My stomach initially churned like it immediately went on an “emergency-hungriness-must-eat-now-mode.” BUT!!! I am a professional blogger and it is a must to take pictures first before eating!!! This made my tummy very very angry… I mean hungry… but I must tame it down…

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The Singapore Chicken Rice in the Philippines February 17, 2010

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As we arrived, I almost ignored the other bloggers 😛 I was so excited that when I entered I immediately looked at the menu! Nasi Lemak, White Chicken Rice, Laksa and that Dinosaur drink looked very very luring! When I realized that I was not the only person there in the restaurant, I said “hi” and mingled with the other bloggers.

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Microsoft Bloggers Event – Manila February 16, 2010

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Anyway, the event was one of the most organized events I ever attended. They introduced Microsoft Office 2010 (beta) and distributed CDs for us to test the new and latest spankin’ Office!

I am a heavy user of PowerPoint, Excel and Word. Those tools I used everyday for my previous job at the bank. I knew every single detail about them and I consider myself as an expert 😛 I really appreciated the upgrades of the 2010 and will blog about it soon. For now, satisfy yourselves with a sneak peek of what happened on the event.

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Talking for LEAP at DLSU

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I will be talking for a few minutes here at DLSU for LEAP… Happy U-week students! XD



Sneak Peek of the First International Pyromusical Contest at SM Mall of Asia February 15, 2010

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This is just a preview… more pictures to come!

Happy Heart’s Season and Happy Chinese New Year!!!

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The Fashion of War

I don’t think my outfit is ready for the battlefield… If I’d go to war now, I would be the first one dead…

At least I would die pretty ^_^