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Aloha Boardsports: Press Con with International Skaters http://bit.ly/cf6v4C April 6, 2010

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Long Board skateboarding is one of my recent hobbies. Vince taught me well ^_^ But, I still have not fully enjoyed skateboarding to the max… My ideal longboard skateboarding session is just a chill one, on an alley beside a beach, and I’m wearing my bikini…

But… good luck doing it here in the Philippines! That means, I gotta do it somewhere out there.

Anyway… I am so lucky enough to meet the International Pro Skaters! Armed with sick moves using their boards, Aloha Boardsports champion skaters from all over the world invaded Manila!

Read more: http://www.flaircandy.com/2010/04/aloha-boardsports-press-con-with-international-skaters/


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