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Cross-ankle, inverted on a pole :D May 31, 2011

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Inverted again on the pole 🙂 Doing the cross ankle

Photographed by Mary Grace Elardo at Gen Studios Polecats Class


Listerine Total Care Challenge http://bit.ly/kD3ARP May 29, 2011

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How do you really go about your oral care regimen? Because I am so clueless! That’s why I’m taking this challenge.

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SPEED at 8 Green Fashion Show http://bit.ly/j1urMJ

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Green.Fashion.Technology! Featuring designs from a pool of designers from Fashion Institute of the Philippines!

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Inviting everyone to Stellar: Polecats Manila Recital http://bit.ly/lQquAS May 27, 2011

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I am inviting everyone to our Pole Recital “Stellar” on June 4 2011, 7pm at Teatrino Theater and Bar, Greenhills.

We just had our general rehearsal yesterday night – and OH EM GEE! You would want to watch this show that won’t happen again (probably in the next 6 months to a year). We all worked hard on this and the performances are AWESOME to the hundredth power!

Come and watch us defy gravity! Students will perform, plus special performances and of course the Polecats too! They will WOW you like CRAZY! I’m not even exaggerating 😛

And the tickets are only at P500! Which to me is worth much more than that, you wouldn’t see this anywhere!

See you there!

Read more: http://www.flaircandy.com/2011/05/polecats-manila-recital-stellar


Testing Smart LTE Broadband in Boracay up to 50-70mbps http://bit.ly/kMZe0R May 26, 2011

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Partying Since Two Thousand and Late http://bit.ly/khR0tD May 25, 2011

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Random facts about me when I party!

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FlairCandy Ovi App for Nokia Is UP! http://bit.ly/kZCbg8 May 8, 2011

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Oh yeah, It’s official! My blog is mobile! Well if you browse through http://flaircandy.com via your mobile phones, you will view it in mobile friendly version… but having an app just for my blog is WAY COOLER! So yeah download if you want *blush* *shy* *shy* arrr..!

I included my twitter feeds and YouTube video streams 😛

So go ahead and enjoy it wiff me yeah XD Want to make your own Nokia Ovi App? It’s free!

Read http://www.flaircandy.com/2011/05/flaircandy-ovi-app-for-nokia-is-up


Had fun at the Meg photoshoot :) Buy June issue soon ;) May 2, 2011

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