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Win Turn 1 F1 Singapore Tickets worth S$ 1,288 http://bit.ly/rtSoY5 #FlairCandy4GPSS September 14, 2011

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Turn 1 spectators will be able to witness up-close the sheer skill of a Formula One™ driver. As the drivers jostle for the best position at Turn 1 after flag-off, spectators will experience the awesome braking power of a Formula OneTM car as they negotiate the first corner at about 90km/h after reaching speeds of about 290km/h along the Pit Straight. Fans here witnessed Mark Webber’s car hitting the barriers at Turn 2 in 2009, which ended his race prematurely.

The Turn 1 Grandstand is located in Zone 1 and is in close proximity to the F1 Village where spectators can enjoy roving entertainment as well as live performances from international acts. Spectators can enjoy access to the Padang main stage, where multi award-winning rock group Linkin Park is set to perform on race day, 25 September 2011. The complete entertainment programme will be released in the coming months. Patrons can also purchase exclusive Formula One™ memorabilia and Singapore GP merchandise, admire the exhibits from various Formula One™ teams, and take part in a wide variety of entertainment activities.

Read more: http://www.flaircandy.com/2011/09/win-turn-1-f1-singapore-tickets


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