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ShoutOut my Traffic! August 5, 2008

For many who are curious as to how I have known Nuffnang, well many Malaysian friends of mine whom I have met through penangpenang.com (who will transform into ShoutOutLounge.com on 08/08/08!), have been using Nuffnang’s tool for their blog. I personally have not registered or anything with Nuffnang as I believed that this was only open for Malaysians and Singaporeans so once again I redirect you to Problogger for more details.

Personally, I don’t know if bloggers could make that much with Nuffnang or other ads like google adsense without much traffic going into your blogsite and in my personal experience ShoutOut has been a companion, increasing my traffic to almost more than 50%!

This screen shot of my Google Analytics geographic report in which I also have posted 1 month (click here to view that post) after I opened my personal blog last May 2008 (yes, my blog so young yet it looks old? Well, thanks to helpful friends in ShoutOut):

I added analytics 1 week after I installed my blog. So, technically for three weeks, this has been my traffic… 197 “visits” in 3 weeks! My topblogs rank by this time was around 350th-something in personal blogs category (sorry no screenshot). With this in mind before, I made an effort blog hopping to drop my links by 😛 When I left my page alone as it was I only had 1-5 max views a day… sad (^_^;)

After I installed ShoutOut… jeng jeng jeng… here’s what my stat looks like at topblogs:

Oh! Yaey! I recently peaked at 120 hits a day! I couldn’t be anymore happier as compared to my pathetic 123 hits in a week *sweats* (^_^;). Though the traffic is still not that impressive as compared to other sites, I am just happy about this!! *yes!* Since I have migrated my blog to a new domain host, I have lost my analytics reports along the way but if you could have seen it… The day I added SO, there was a rapid increase in the Y AXIS! lolz as in like almost like a vertical line. This was caused mainly by one of SO’s main features to have links to your blog bellow your message.

By the way, that empty stat between the 24th of July to 2nd of August was caused by the my changing of url from flaircandy.blogspot.com to http://www.flaircandy.com.

Once again, another tiring night for your self-declared, panda-eyed, blog ambassadress saying “Mabuhay Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore” … for now… 😛

Flair Candy


Free Domain Name and Free Web Hosting! August 3, 2008

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Hello everyone!

Many friends of mine have been so excited about me having my own domain name flaircandy.com and they also have been asking me how to have one for themselves and how to maintain it.

Well personally, I bought my domain name from idotz.net for $8/year, opted to avail of the free Google apps readily available in their site and tweaked my blogger settings to make use of http://www.flaircandy.com domain.

But for those of you who do not want to spend a single cent for a domain name and host then here are 2 things you could do:

  1. Go to this website http://flaircandy.co.cc/ and yes I know what you’re thinking… another web site I have created — the “Candy Shop”. Well that site is under construction and I call that website “my lab” because I’m testing many web stuff thing-ies there. You want to know the best part about that Candy Shop? I created that all for free! Here’s how:

    a) Go to http://www.co.cc/ to get your own domain name for free and follow just follow their instructions! Although, all domain names end in “.co.cc” but it’s free!

    b) Then, go to this site http://www.000webhost.com/62384.html to open up your free webhost!

    This webhost has gnarly features for a free one already:

    – 350 MB of Disk Space
    – 100 GB Bandwidth
    – Your own domain hosting
    – cPanel Control panel
    – Website Builder (this one I used to create my template – very user friendly!)
    – Over 500 website templates ready for download
    – Free POP3 Email Box and Webmail access (so I had a hannah@flaircandy.co.cc mail address!)
    – FTP and Web based File Manager
    – PHP, MySQL, Perl, CGI, Ruby.
    – No Ads at all !

    Check it out Here: http://www.000webhost.com/62384.html

    And ahoy to the web IT people. I know you might laugh at me but go ahead, this was an honest mistake! I accidentally created a forum page cool!!! But to my friends who are not web-savvy like me… I think I might have just impressed you! twisted I know right, I have impressed myself also *sweats* (I wish I could have that emoticon here). I was doing who-knows-what, clicking here and there and… TA-DA!!! Accidentally-made forum!

    Now, I don’t know what to do with it… see how easy you could make stuff through this hosting site!

    For the not-so-web savvy like me here are its “auto-install” features… Just click… click… click… then Whoala! The following could be generated automatically for you:

    – WordPress
    – b2evolution
    – Joomla
    – Drupal
    – phpWebsite
    – phpBB
    – simplemachines (this one created my forum *sweats*)
    – Coppermine (this one can generate your gallery page *whee*)

  2. Now, another option is to go to iCalvyn.com and look for that thin banner above his page saying “Apply Domain and Hosting Sponsorship Program from iCalvyn.com Now!!!” Yes, my dear friends, Domain and Hosting Sponsorship program. I don’t know the main details but go to his site and find out.

I don’t want to endorse things I have not tried myself, or at least that of my trusted friends yet, so I am sharing this to you all with that in mind. because I want to share my gain and I’m just basically a kind girl.

That’s all for now, this is your blog ambassadress once again saying “Mabuhay!”


P.S. An update on this post. If indeed you tried this out and have a couple of problems about creating your FREE domain and hosting. Dont hesitate to Contact Me, I’d be glad to help :).


Reality School July 27, 2008

So ladies and gents who want even that 15 minutes of fame… are you ready for Reality? Reality has been shown for quite some time now and I mean as early as the 1940s (technically when TV was invented already). These old school reality shows are mainly those games and variety shows. Hardcore Reality shows though have only surfaced in the early 90s. But in the year 2000 and up, there are just Reality shows every station, every channel… everywhere!

Now what I think about this reality school thing…? I find it quite odd why they would put up one… Isn’t it that reality shows are supposed to have no scripts at all? …and that you just appear to be you… as is?

Is reality now getting fake?

And, the worst part of it all is that they have to pay a tuition fee so that they could be real-er! Now this is really interesting… Though this qualifies as an entry in my “wall of the wierd“, I must say that it’s actual existence makes it real… Now I know we all get “blur” by now. How do you define reality now?

Now that we are on the topic, I just want to share that there are different kinds of Reality Shows namely:

Documentary style (Pinoy Big Brother (2005) (Philippines), The Real World (1992), Temptation Island (2001), The Simple Life (2003), Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County (2004), The 5th Wheel (2001))

Elimination/Game Shows (Pinoy Big Brother (2005) (Philippines) – again, America’s Got Talent (2006), American Idol (2002) , So You Think You Can Dance (2005) – my personal favorite, Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire? (2000), The Amazing Race (2001), Pilipinas, Game KNB? (2001), So You Think You Can Dance (2005) – personal fave 🙂 and etc… this category seems to be clear already so you know what I mean :))

Self-Improvement/Makeover (Queer Eye for the Straight Guy (2003), The Swan (2004) (US), Extreme Makeover (2002), America’s Next Top Model (2003-2007) )

Renovation (Pimp My Ride (2004) (MTV, US), Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (2003))

Social Experiment (Wife Swap (2002) (2003) (UK), Secret Millionaire)

TV Shows (just to many to name…)

Hidden Cameras (Punk’d (2003) – my favorite also *Ashton Kutcher* ~faints!~, Scare Tactics (2003), Wow Mali Mali, Just For Laughs Gags (Canada))

Hoaxes (The Joe Schmo Show (2003), My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss (2004?), My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiancé (2004))

I would like to define this one as people might be confused about this category.

In hoax reality shows, the entire show is a prank played on one or more of the cast members, who think they are appearing in a legitimate reality show; the rest of the cast are actors who are in on the joke

Parodies (Drawn Together (2004), The Office (US) (2005))

While not reality TV in the proper sense, these scripted parody shows reflect the level of pop culture status that reality TV has become.
– Wikipedia

Funny also.. the names of these reality TV shows are long and sometimes funny:
The Real Housewives of Orange County – Desperate Housewives and the OC combined?

Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County (2004) – really…..?

Who Wants to Marry My Dad? (2004) – This one just funny title

How to Get Lucky (2005) (UK) – haven’t watched this… Luck could be taught?!? @.@

Shopping for Love (2005) (Australia) – That’ll be expensive…

Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire? (2000) – so long name… it’s like one of those spam emails… *whistles*

How Clean Is Your House? (2003) (2004) (UK) – errmmm… now I don’t want to enter this one

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy (2003) – this one funny name but effective and yes… guys sometimes need help from gays… *whistles again*

What the Butler Saw (2004) (UK) – intriguing…

Wife Swap (2002) (2003) (UK) – how aobut Husband Swap? *whistles again*

Boys will be Girls (2006) (UK) – 😀 now I want to watch this 🙂

The Girls Next Door (2005) – yeah is popular among guys

Boiling Points (US) MTV – I know this one… but curious: Could they fire mtv for this? I mean…

Fire Me…Please (2005) – oh yes… why is this not showing in the Phil?

I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! (2002– present) (UK) – why where are you?

Be a Grand Prix Driver (2003) (UK) – OMG! OMG! I want to cast in Philippine version *drools*

Britain’s Worst Celebrity Driver (2005) (UK) – now what exactly do they tape/do here?

Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search for the Next Doll (2007) (US) – why me dissapointed with this personally… There was no PCD after this and I just don’t want to say more.

America’s Most Smartest Model (2007) (US) – This is interesting! Complete package!

Click here to know more about New York Reality TV


New Knowledge, Old Backpains July 7, 2008

I’ve been very dizzy busy lately. I’m the type of person who just wants to learn everything my mind could possibly absorb and I don’t easily give up until I have exhausted every possible means to do so. Web page designing thingys or whatever you call that are not really my thing-y but it obstructed me from having a decent template.


Friday was the day I began to search for new templates. I found some good ones and lousy ones. Then I found this really brilliant template that suits my “flava” and also suits my FlairCandy title. I was frustrated at first because all my widgets were erased when I applied the new skin. Thank goodness google was invented! Brilliant minds people, all I need to ask and know it’s just there.

So yeah, I kind of studied online for this. I’ve learned how to preserve widgets and understand what code to use etc. It took me one day to learn the unfamiliar world of CSS-ing. I had a couple of migraines and dozens of backaches for this! Goodness gracious I have scoliosis and now my back is really really hurting seriously!

Those if-then-else lots statements really hunt me ~jitters~. In the office I use VBA codes to edit macros embedded in our reports. The best part in this though is that i also did a self-study on macros! I had a basic course in college about C++ programming. But, 4 years after non-practice, I have forgotten already how to construct if-then and loop statements just when I needed it already. Luckily internet exists. After reading a few articles, i managed to guide myself.

I know, I’m an accountant but why the heck am I doing these IT stuff!?! I’m not really sure with my weird self what the answer is. But, I’m thinking that probably I have adequate knowledge of accounting, next step is learn other things like – IT stuff? My other option is to study further and take the CFA. But it’s so expensive!!! Just one wrong move then you threw your 80K out of the window.

Vinz knows how nostalgically crazy I could be. How after my surgery, I wanted to go to med school. Any psych major or psychologist reading this? – Help! I might have MDP (Multiple Personality Disorder)? But I don’t call myself other names than my own though, unlike those MDP patients… Time flies so fast” as Elise said earlier and I do agree. I have so much that I want to learn, so much stuff I want to do… but time’s not a luxury I can afford. That’s why we must learn to prioritize. Having said that, I am prioritizing sleep and I will sleep now. (“,)


Hot Website 005: Baby Pips Online Forex School June 30, 2008

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Nurture your mind and study Forex for free! Know everything about Forex, from the basics up to trading itself! Don’t worry, you won’t get lost in the explanation. This has its own curriculum from pre-school to college. Amazing isn’t it? Also, get updated with financial events by checking out their blog for economic updates. If you have any question, fire away and discuss it in their forum. Make your free time productive by checking out this Hot Website!