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Sayonara Kingswood August 10, 2008

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Now is the time to leave… As my mom is missing me already and my little sis “Snow” and my little bro “Van” are already needing an “ate” / “achi.” My office voicemail is full of messages from snow… Now to let you know how “makulit” she iz, here’s a preview of what she’s like…

Snow looks more Chinese than me and she is a certified camwhore surprising me with self-portraits every time I check my cellphone’s gallery. Check this out:

now I swt

Now it’s time for me to leave the 27th floor Penthouse and go back home… Farewell freedom hehe…

Now at 6:30 I fought the urge to be a Shout Potato and said goodbye to my online friends Cedric and Joey. At 8:00 pm… I have packed 2 bags… razz but by this time I was so tired already and my back ached again…

These two is not the end… I’m not yet done… you see… my closet is only half emptied:

Oh but sien… here’s more:

oh but for the love of OC (Obsessive Compulsiveness) even if it was already 1:30 after midnight… I finished packing everything despite the back pain and the slight dizziness from being so sleepy already…

Now, I’m ready to go and ready to be fetched by my mom and go to my home sweet home… But then again… I’d have to say goodbye to freedom! Goodbye to permission-less escapades… So long midnight society… So long…

On the bright side, I’d be more comfortable and I’d have to eat home-cooked food now without having to cook myself… I could jog around the neighborhood again and I could drive my car again… I hope I still remember how to drive…



A Darker Shade of Pale July 30, 2008

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Is it the camera? Or is it just my skin… Angela, sell your camera already… and buy a new one jkjkjk…

Or better yet sell you LV bag and buy new one πŸ™‚ swt.. we know it’s never gonna happen πŸ™‚

I guess this qualifies as a deviant art πŸ˜› Thanks to Kristel for tweaking this out!


MSI Wind

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Cyclone! That’s what MSI Wind’s model name must be! This teeny gadget is sold out everywhere, making the Asus Eee series and even HP mini cry! What’s so good about this cyclone is that it has the most “gnarly” specs a mini PC could have! So Vinz and I didn’t hesitate to buy one for ourselves EACH!

It has:

Intel Atom – (as compared to HP who has VIA as processor)

the 80Gigs – (as compared to acer’s 8Gig)

The 10″ screen (1024*600) LCD with LED back lighting – Full Web page Viewing (as compared to Eee)

1GB memory

WLAN and Bluetooth (for XP version only)

1.3 Megapixel web camera with built-in mic

only 2.3 lbs!

it comes with Licensed Microsoft Windows XP (for them Vista Haters)

and others: Card Reader, big size keyboard, turbo battery, magnifier, LED Panel and 2.5″ HDD

… and most importantly… the PRICE that is just RIGHT for these gnarly features! (I bought it for only Php 26,000 – $479 if bought in US)

More about MSI Wind specs here!

So how then does this compare to my previous laptop? Of course my Compaq Presario C700 has a 15″ screen, gnarly features, webcam, glossy high definition screen, built-in mic also and is good for photoshopping, excel-ing with many columns involved, viewing webpages and many others… But my usual problem is that it hurts my back if I want to carry it along anywhere. Now see in comparison how MSI solved my back problem. 2 MSI winds = 1 Compaq Presario.

Yeah, MSI is really handy and portable. But I’m keeping my old laptop (not really old because I bought it this year also). I’d just rather buy this MSI wind mini laptop for Php 26k than buying another SmartPhone /PDA phone / iPhone which costs about the same price minimum but the really good ones like HTC costs around Php 40k! I’ve been waiting for Xperia also since January 2008 (when this was announced), but I’m quite dissappointed since the release date would be next January 2009. I don’t know if it’s worth the wait and it would also cost aroung Php40k! It’s like buying another high-performance laptop/ mega-nice desktop unit.

This is the actual MSI Wind that we bought.

And see this one? Full webpage viewing!

I have been using it for 4 days now and I am telling you… It is a handy dandy iCandy companion! But it’s speed upon boot and shut down and everything else is A-ok! I’ve been viewing web pages generally in full screen and it’s just so light that it could fit it in my baggie! It doesn’t hurt the back of those with scoliosis like yours truly. And also, it’s completa and it has everything that my 15″ widescreen laptop has (&even more in some cases perhaps).

The only con I could think of is that it has no DVD rom optical drive & writer! But, as compared to all mini PCs… this difinitely qualifies as a SUPER CYCLONE that blows the Phil’s gadget industry away!

So I’m here advertising once again for something for free — sweatcase. But anyway, I don’t care… I just want to spread the word to my friends the good experiences I have so that I could share and enlighten them too! So what are you waiting for? Buy one already!!! I am being the devil here tempting you all to buy buy buy!

Until next time readers, this is your Blog Ambassadress saying “Mabuhay!”


(I’m using this “a.k.a.” when I’m being a “techie.” Just like Daniel when he is being the “techidan“)


The Dark Night on IMAX @ MOA July 24, 2008

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Spotted. H outside Kingswood Arcade, waiting for cab to arrive. Notice the Mc-do and how near it is from where I live.

I look so tan here, I don’t know why… I’m also so blue… Down with the sickness again… I love my Prada bag! but it’s so heavy carrying one! It hurts my back once again… Oh this scoliosis thing has to end… I better go to a chiropractor already – but It’s so expensive 1! Sessions are at every week and price ranges about PHP2,000. Now I was thinking… How many Lenses could I buy with it already If in a year there’s 52 weeks timesing (Martin’s other term for “multiplying“) 2K?

It doesn’t sound original because measuring in lenses is Brian Laborada’s (notice the full name – so that your name could be searched already in google) way comparing things.

Angela however, measures in terms of bags!

Kristel measures in terms of miles and travel destinations!

While Stephen measures in fishes…

Now me, I couldn’t think of anything original except “How many gadgets could I buy with it already?”


so many people @ Mall of Asia! SM Mall of Asia’ (also known as MOA) is the largest shopping mall in the Philippines and is the 3rd largest shopping mall in the world in terms of Gross Leasable Area.

Early arrival @ IMAX Theater, I think we need to eat dessert first.

I am missing Vinz so much! This is the first weekend we got together again after his arrival from L.A. (Notice the “bling” – iLike!) So we did first what we love to do… eat cheesecake at Cheesecake!

Blueberry Cheesecake drools… I love cheesecakes

But I like this one better! It’s called a Pistachio White Cheesecake… It’s simple yet oozing with unique flavour! It looks so beautiful that I don’t want to eat it…

after 20 mins… (yes 20 only) we headed back to IMAX and there got so many employees! I must still say I’m quite lucky to be working at a company who gives free IMAX tickets to all employees *winks* ehemz ehemz…

Poor man… he doesn’t know I’m blogging about him πŸ˜› the screen is too big for me to capture! The whole time the movie was showing, I didn’t know if my heart is still in its right place! I just love how Heath Ledger portrayed the role! He’s the best joker ever! Too bad though, we could see him doing that role only once.

while waiting… there stime for camwhoring!
After the dark knight we went shopping!!! Gadget shopping baby!
It’s so cold in this store!

And Vinz finally buys the Guitar Hero for NDS! See, this is one of the many many reasons why I prefer NDS over PSP. NDS is just so interactive and you can do and play many unique games in it… and now that guitar hero is already portable… I’m just saying this thing is close to being my perfect portable toy!

Oh! BlurJess will love this!!! GG headband for sale!

I had a very exhausting weekend and ’tis time to say Sayonara Orangs!


To my readers – Candy’s got new skin again! July 23, 2008

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Thank you for voting for my new domain name. The votes were unanimous and it ended yesterday! The winning domain name title is… dan dan dan dan… “flaircandy.com” So look up on the upper part of your monitors… You are now viewing my pages now in that new domain name! Yaey!

Apologies though for the temporary template. As you can see, I loved my previous template and I have received many feedbacks from you that it was generally “cool.” Unfortunately, tweaking it is harder for me since I don’t have background in web designing (i.e., CSS-ing, HTML-ing, XTHML-ing.. etc). And I find it hard to maintain and it is less flexible than normal templates since the “blog posts” area are so narrow and I felt claustrophobic sometimes by just viewing it.

For now, I will be using this free template I just got from the web. I will be editing one over the weekend hopefully. And as you have noticed, some of my widgets are deleted, including the shoutmix one for offline messages. So, If you do want to contact me privately please mail them to hannah@flaircandy.com. (Ehemz, ehemz… I gotzz new personalized email one!) So do mail me something (hehehe) I would be happy to recieve a mail from someone other than google’s welcoming message.

This is my first time buying a domain name so bear with me but I’m so excited! ~tears…

Thank you for always supporting flaircandy.com, expect new and interesting things in my page soon. ‘Till next time lovely readers, this is your blog ambassadress once again saying “Mabuhay.”

Flair Candy


Scrambled Insanity July 21, 2008

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If you are reading this right now, then you must care for me…

Don’t be shy whoever you are lol, coz I’d be happy to know someone cares for me too.

I won’t say more, just know that I care too.

I care for people too, sometimes too attached I may be that I confuse my feelings too. Clarity is a simple word but hard to define. The definition being variable amongst different kinds of people.

I get cerebral most of the time and my thoughts get way way deep into meaning. I get lost in my own words, what makes you think you’ll find your way around too.

Weirdness however drives attraction. A significant pull of mystery driven by loads of curiosity. Loving the weird, discovering unknown, collecting rares and acquiring knowledge of limited publicity gently satisfies my insurgent soul.

Contempt, I question for now. As I can’t scale my feelings.

If you just understood what I wrote, congratulations… You’re half autistic just like me… πŸ˜‰

Enjoy the first few days that this blog is public. But time will pass and I will write the dark side of my thoughts… if this happens I could not afford to make this public anymore…

Well I’m not so dark for all you know.. But probably well, we all have secrets, don’t we?

Dark Candy


Bored Board Part 1 July 20, 2008

*click on the pictures to enlarge*

The day started with our board of the bored. Why are we bored? Our team transferred from the Penthouse to the Basement! Basement = 20th floor, we just call it one because that floor is reserved for β€œfuture” expansion. Hence, no people there yet, except us! Click “more” for more pictures

Test Shot…

Guess where this is… a Garden? Park? but why are there mannequins in bikinis far there? … yep we’re at a mall! (I am right am I… Bonifacio High Street is some kind of sort of a mall… right?)

Philip Stein! See Ezra and Angela and me window shopping! Angela’s got nice nice hair…

Another angle of Bonifacio High Street… The heat makes me want to jump to this pond/fountain… see somehow we get lucky being close to this mall strip that I adore so much… But unlucky enough if you know prices here are $$$… But still, welcome to the good life people…

Ok… Lunch here we are at New Orleans… It’s actually my first time eating here. Facts about this resto: the other restaurant adjacent to this one is “Claw Daddy”; Claw Daddy and New Orleans have same owner. So, you could ask the waiter for two menus.

Candy Cutie and Flair Candy… hmm… How bout creating a Fansite for this candy cutie… hmmm… Candy Cutie won’t mind internet exposure… Especially if pretty girls and hot ladies would want to be his fan… By the way, Martin is called candy Cutie because he appeared in the pages of Candy magazine, a local magazine who’s market targets teens. How hot is it you say being a candy cutie? Check this out:

yes.. very familiar celebrities you say… Most of them are from Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition (1st batch)

Also this one… Aaron Agasi is Carlos Agasi’s little bro by the way…

but this one is our Candy Cutie!!! ain’t we all proud to be his teammates lolz πŸ˜€

Camwhoring we are…

ok now I’m hungry over oysters with lots n lots of cheese!!! I’m so hungry I could eat its shell… better not look at me now… look up instead…

yep, wish I had these in my room πŸ™‚

Lovely fountain you must say… but pretty Angela adds the final touch to the picture πŸ™‚

yep… Fridays are actually desperate times for us. Almost weekend yet still many stuff and meetings to do. Until next Friday then…

(emoticon courtesy of penangpenang.com