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Play F1 online June 24, 2008

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Play the F1 game online and you could win prizes if you make it to the leaderboard. Sponsored by ING. Click here to play. Well, the contender is hard to beat though. Even I couldn’t beat him. Let me know if you do.


Amber Lounge

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Amber lounge is the hottest, most exclusive after party in the F1 world. It’s the party everyone’s looking forward to. With the first night race being held in Singapore, there would be one on Conrad Centennial. This event is attended by the drivers/racers, sponsors, international models and even some hollywood celebrities and musicians – gathering together to wine and dine.

I absolutely want to rub shoulders with these VIPs and meet Kimi Raikkonen up close but it costs 500 euros. Yeah, I can’t afford it for now. I just wish I could win a free pass somewhere, or someone could give me one. This definitely is an addition to my list of things-to-do-before-I-die.


F1’s first Night Race June 16, 2008

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I am out of words as I am at my most excited self ever yet in my entire life. I just bought my tickets to this event and I will be going to Singapore. That’s right, the first ever Formula One night race will be held on September 28, 2008 at Marina, Singapore. Not to mention, this will be my first travel outside my country and I am making it so memorable that I will be part of F1′ history.
Ever since I played Grand Turismo, I knew then that I just love racing and speed. Even just by go-karting I feel so free. I definitely wouldn’t miss this for the world.
If you don’t want to miss this, buy your tickets and fly to Singapore now! The hotel, flight and race tickets are getting more and more expensive as our peso is degrading and I expect that our peso is weak up to November. So the longer it takes for you to decide on buying tickets, the higher you’re going to pay due to our exchange rate.
And, seats are already limitted. I will be travelling on a budget with my love of my life. We purchased tickets by comparing prices and picking out the best possible options (low price yet high quality). And I believe that this is only poissible if you plan early.
See, when I’m excited, I talk a lot. See you in Singapore!

Cheerleader becomes CPA May 20, 2008

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Oathtaking Ceremony at PICC Plenary Hall (June 2007)
Dinner is seved at the Testimonial Party at the Manila Hotel
With Mr. Conrado Valix who helped us in our jouney
Sir D’s fun and humour during his lectures stretched my memory. Until now, I remember those jokes.
with sir Tom, whose teachings and techniques I well-grasped

Thanks CPAR!

I was on the lobby of CPAR, our review school, waiting for my turn to arrive at the forefront of the crowd. The cause of the commotion is probably one of the most significant milestone in this crowd’s life. They were looking at their future. Anxiously waiting for my turn, I got to observe other board takers. There were mixed emotions. But, almost all of them cried. You could tell who poured happy tears and who regretfully shed tears of pain.

I had a gut feeling that I could be neither one of them for I was feeling so numb at that time. My family and friends know me as a crybaby. I cry profusely in sad movies, I cry so hard when I’m so touched by a person, when I’m angry, happy and even when I’m utterly and literally crawling on the floor out of laughter. I have great deal of emotions and it goes out as tears. But it only proved that I had no emotions at all for I knew that I wasn’t going to make it. As I saw the wall of future I concluded my lack of emotions.

One year after, I was riding a tricycle going home (yes my friends I do public commute) when my friend called me on my phone saying “Hannah, Congratulations! You’re already a CPA!” Then I went ballistic, screaming at the top of my lungs, ignoring the fact that I’m in a tricycle.

I went home because this time, I was so sure that I made it. What I did to make it happen was never easy as the first time I took the exam. I just committed myself to learning the basics, got hold of them and solve problems. Preparation is the key in passing the board exams. Preparation is so vital that not only did it make me pass; I got to be included in the top 100 this time in our pre-boards, I got invite letters from audit firms, and I got a 90 average on my board exam! I am proud not only that I passed, I got colorful scores.

I hope that I could give hope to those who are taking the board exams for the first time, that you may the right set of attitude for your first take. To those who are taking it the second time, fret not for I have been a survivor of this. If I, the cheerleader in college who almost flunk in accounting academics, made it – you too could do it! For those who have repeatedly taken the board exams already, just keep on pursuing your dream. Work hard and prepare for it, have the right attitude and confidence in you and you will definitely make it. I have a close friend, whom I met at CPAR and am my co-worker in the office right now, who took it around 5 times before she became her dream CPA.

I’m new to this blogging thing and for those aspiring to become CPAs; I will be posting tips and my experiences so that you learn from what I have been.