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Globe Telecom and Apple Bring iPhone 3G to Philippines June 10, 2008

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Uh oh I’ve been waiting for iPhone to have a legitimate service provider and now it has partnered with Globe! This is expected to be in the Philippine coast later this year. The only main difference with this and it’s latter predecessor though is its 3G so if you can just live without 3G then you might stick to your 1st edition iPhone. For more information, check out Globe’s website.

If you ask me though, I’d still go for Sony Ericsson’s Xperia. I’m still waiting for its release in 2009 though. That’s right. I hope it won’t be too late for other competitors to realize and design a similar phone like this. I hope its perfection would be worth waiting for. For more information, visite Xperia’s mini website.


Cheaper Internet Anywhere with Globe June 8, 2008

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Globe’s new browsing rate of P5 for 15 minutes is really generous.

You might need to check an important reply from your email. Do you need to know the latest NBA scores while on a remote island getaway vacation? Do you need to write entries for your blog asap? Get the latest updates from the internet with only your Globe sim card.

While on Dumaguete, Zamboangita, and even on Apo Island, I got to test this cheap rate from Globe and anywhere there is a Globe signal (which we all know is strong nationwide).

Surf’s up anywhere! You could get to use any of Globes available connection:

Connection Type Ave. Speed Max
HSDPA High-Speed Downlink Packet Access (3.5G) 400 – 700 Kbps 1.2 – 1.8 Mbps

3G Third Generation Technology

150 – 250 Kbps

384 Kbps


80 – 120 Kbps

156 Kbps


30 – 40 Kbps 56 Kbps

*from Globe’s website

The connection I had on Zamboangita was only GPRS that’s why the internet connection was kind of slow. I have used my SE P990 to browse the internet with Globe sim card enabled.

The best thing about this also is that I could use my phone’s internet connection to connect to my desktop. My search for the mobile internet has ended now. I used to search for a good mobile internet subscriber and found out that Smart, Globe’s visibilty and PLDT’s weroam was kind of expensive.

So now that I have found this, I am happy. Visit Globe for more information.


Destination: Dumaguete, Zamboangita and apo island June 4, 2008

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I have been here many times but I never enjoyed as much as I did now. I haven’t been blogging for 4 days since I was there on a remote island. Though with globe’s mobile internet it could be possible, I still got tired at the end of the day with all the trekking, hiking, snorkelling, diving and drinking.

With my new camera Lumix TZ5 at hand, I enjoyed being there twice as much and appreciated the scenery, flowers and the people whose smiles I have captured. My officemates are begging me to buy me a digital SLR already since I think they realized that I have a talent at photography. They were disappointed when I decided to buy a compact camera. But, by bringing the handy and portable TZ5 all along with me I could put it in my purse, take pictures quickly every time I need it. Plus, with TZ5’s intelligence auto, I don’t have to switch picture modes. It just has a mind of its own and detect wether I am taking a picture of a beautiful scenery, a macro for the flower, or a portrait. It’s point-and-shoot literally.

With my new extra portable, super light ipod shuffle – I get to listen to my favorite music without adding extra pounds to my backpack. I left my 60Gig ipod video at home because I’m a chic that travels light. That’s the reason why I didn’t buy the DSLR too. I hurt my back when I bring heavy things because of my scoliosis.

Finally, I checked my mails even when I am at the tip of a remote island. Just as long as I have a globe network signal, I could browse the internet anywhere. When there’s wi-fi I could do that too with my new p990 phone.

I just love these and I’m so happy. It made my trip more comfortable, enjoyable and convenient.


Google Analytics May 30, 2008

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It’s just been a month since i started this personal blog and yet I must say that it is powerful. Powerful is a big enough word to describe how I feel with posting web logs or blogs, but we all know it’s true.

I never thought other people would reach me, or hear me out and share with me my experiences until I registered to Google Analytics. To me, this personal blog is like an online journal. I post everything I think, I share new knowledge, I share my experiences in the hope of inspiring many other people, connecting with other people in the whole world and instill little insights about everything. It’s a greatful feeling knowing that other people take interest in what you have to say.

When I viewed my google analytics report, I was amazed to see how many people I have reached since I started this blog one month ago. What’s amazing is that I reached people in distant places from where I’ve been. With this, I am inspired to post more cooler, better, distinct, unique and more informative posts.

With my dream to travel the world and reach places and be an ambassador of my own country, this blog is the closest that I could get to share cultures with other people on other places.

So, for bloggers who are just starting out like me. You might want to register to Google Analytics. It’s a very helpful web tool and it gives reports on many things like map overlay of visitors, visitor trending, where visitors come from, browsers used, host, referals and many other tools.


CURE’s umobile: new mobile service provider May 22, 2008

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I just found out last monday (May 19, 2008) that there is this new mobile service provider who gives free load and free mobile internet for those priviledged ones who have “the code.” Umobile is the first ad-funded mobile service in Asia. So, as you know now, there’s really no such thing as “free” here since you would be annoyed by sms ads that suite your lifestyle, likes and personality.

But, for those who wouldn’t mind some advertisments then you might want to aquire “the code.” How do get one is not as simple as it sounds though. Even I don’t have one yet.

First, you need to be aged 15-35. You’d have to be a yuppie! Now for the hardest part to many of us, you would have to get invited. Go to their website to learn how by clicking here.


How to edit Start up programs May 15, 2008

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Isn’t it such a hassle when you open up your pc and you have to wait for 5 minuites for it to load. Then there must be some programs in your Windows start up that you don’t need to use.

You can edit the programs you would want to start on start-up. For example, you have yahoo messenger and msn that always runs ready upon start up. You could actually opt not to start them up since it is not necessary. Programs like this would just slow down your start up. There are however some items that you need to start instantly such as your anti-virus and spyware.

Here’s the how-to:

– Just click Start > Run
– Type msconfig then click “ok”
– go to the “start-up” tab then you would find a list of programs that start upon start-up