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I Can’t be the Next PLDT Watchpad Crew *sadface* http://bit.ly/dcU1Dw March 16, 2010

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I can’t join…



That’s because I’m not in the age bracket of 16-20 years old (I’m only fifteen) **sniff** **sniff**… So… I’m just sharing these to you guys. 😀

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My google ads shows words from “Formula one” to “Formula ten” LOLz

Formula One
Formula Two
Formula Three
Formula Four
Formula Five
Formula Six
Formula Seven
Formula Eight
Formula Nine
Formula Ten

I don’t even know what they are… I only know Formula One… Google adwords sure do know how to count ^_^

la la la…


F1 Bahrain 2010 Qualifying Top 10 and Pole Position http://bit.ly/apAh9r March 13, 2010

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To make the long story short, Sebastian Vettel grabbed the pole position at 1′54.101. He is then followed by two Ferraris Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso. Seems like the Ferrari team is back! Could this year be theirs? It was obvious that last year was definitely a bad year and a struggle for them. We’ll only find out tomorrow as tomorrow’s game and positioning is what counts.

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F1 Bahrain 2010 Practice Highlights and Fastest Laps http://bit.ly/bkeRKG

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Practice has just finished in Bahrain and fans want to see results. Is Schumacher still the legend that he is? Did Alonzo make it good with the Ferrari team? How are the Ferrari cars are they better than last year? How about the new teams are they competitive?

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Best Singapore Formula 1 Pictures of the Night Race http://bit.ly/9cgWPs March 3, 2010

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I was seated at the Bay Grandstand yellow seats Row 6 Seat 26. I took advantage of the special password given to me for booking. It was too damn hot… This picture was taken at around 3pm and there were not much people but the sun is still hot!!! Make sure to apply sun block! I swear, I would have wanted to walk around the track on a bikini – that’s how hot it is!

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Singapore Formula 1 2010 Early Bird Tickets Price and Password February 25, 2010

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It’s another interesting year for our formula one fans! There is a growing number of formula 1 fans in the Philippines as well as I have been receiving many emails asking tips and questions and stuff on the Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix. So, here’s another blog post to hopefully answer your questions. If you have any more additional questions feel free to give some love mail.

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