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Baguio – Camp John Hay, North Haven Spa, Bloomfields Hotel, Marcos Highway, Palaisdaan http://bit.ly/9DPwxb May 29, 2010

Day 6 of the Vaseline Road Trip of a lifetime.

It just sunk in… it’s our last day… I’m going to miss the girls and all who went with us.

Here are the memories captured of our last day in Baguio.

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Watching Alice in Wonderland in Ali Mall http://bit.ly/bPiTcL March 13, 2010

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After eating we headed straight to the newly renovated Ali Mall. I don’t often go here. In fact the last time I went to Ali Mall was last year and trust me, the mall did not really appeal to me a lot. This time however, it’s newly renovated! We strolled around and I liked how the mall looks now! The nice part is that the movie theater looks like the one in greenbelt where the chairs are stacked up way above each other so that you won’t see any irritating heads of other people. I’m not sure if they have any movie theaters here before but this one is just nice, clean and I love it! This is one of my new favorite movie theaters now since it’s clean, nice, well-designed and not a lot of people know about this yet. But since I blogged about it now, this theater could get more viewers… HARRR!!!

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Big Better Burgers – SM Araneta Cubao Center http://bit.ly/948MHX

After we watched the movie Alice in Wonderland in the new movie theaters of Ali Mall, we strolled around the Araneta Center and found this Burger Place. I have not eaten a burger since the new year because I was constantly on a diet for my photo shoots! >.< Anyway, here are pictures.

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