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10 Malaysian Bloggers Invade Norther Luzon Philippines! http://www.flaircandy.com/?p=4220 July 23, 2010

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10 Bloggers, 4 Destinations, 10 SLRs and a whole lot of fun!

Featuring the 10 bloggers from Malaysia who travelled Northern Luzon, Philippines. Backpacking, with style!

warning: very long blog post 😛

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Riding The Taming Sari – 360 Degree View of Melaka Malaysia http://bit.ly/b17ioy June 16, 2010

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I actually don’t know what “Taming Sari” means… paiseh

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RT @flaircandy: Destination: Melaka (Malacca) http://bit.ly/d4p4Wh June 15, 2010

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Satkuru, Aaron, Alvin, Wiliam, Jess, Steven and McBone took me to Melaka This post contains the many things I saw and experienced while we were walking around Melaka.

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