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PLDT myDSL Promotes Philippine Tourism – Vote and Win http://www.flaircandy.com/?p=7551 April 14, 2011

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Vote for your favorite team and win 50k, laptop, camera, trip to Dakak, 1 yr DSL subscription and Pizza Party package!

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PLDT myDSL Watchpad Crew Judging at MCafe http://bit.ly/atmAzr June 7, 2010

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It was the first time I get to be invited as a judge for something big! Judging with me on the table was Liz, Vince, Isabel Oli and the PLDT watchpad’s Pianoman (awesome voice)!

Check out the new PLDT Watchpad ambassadors!

Read more: http://www.flaircandy.com/2010/06/pldt-mydsl-watchpad-crew-judging-at-mcafe


Party At Encore with 10 Emerging Stars http://bit.ly/daXOVw April 30, 2010

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Like I said, I was disqualified from being one of the chosen 10 to be the next PLDT myDSL Watchpad crew due to age. I’m too young to join! I’m only fifteen years old! I should join again next year!

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I Can’t be the Next PLDT Watchpad Crew *sadface* http://bit.ly/dcU1Dw March 16, 2010

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I can’t join…



That’s because I’m not in the age bracket of 16-20 years old (I’m only fifteen) **sniff** **sniff**… So… I’m just sharing these to you guys. 😀

Read more: http://www.flaircandy.com/2010/03/pldt-watchpad-crew-your-chance-to-get-famous

My google ads shows words from “Formula one” to “Formula ten” LOLz

Formula One
Formula Two
Formula Three
Formula Four
Formula Five
Formula Six
Formula Seven
Formula Eight
Formula Nine
Formula Ten

I don’t even know what they are… I only know Formula One… Google adwords sure do know how to count ^_^

la la la…