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Google Analytics May 30, 2008

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It’s just been a month since i started this personal blog and yet I must say that it is powerful. Powerful is a big enough word to describe how I feel with posting web logs or blogs, but we all know it’s true.

I never thought other people would reach me, or hear me out and share with me my experiences until I registered to Google Analytics. To me, this personal blog is like an online journal. I post everything I think, I share new knowledge, I share my experiences in the hope of inspiring many other people, connecting with other people in the whole world and instill little insights about everything. It’s a greatful feeling knowing that other people take interest in what you have to say.

When I viewed my google analytics report, I was amazed to see how many people I have reached since I started this blog one month ago. What’s amazing is that I reached people in distant places from where I’ve been. With this, I am inspired to post more cooler, better, distinct, unique and more informative posts.

With my dream to travel the world and reach places and be an ambassador of my own country, this blog is the closest that I could get to share cultures with other people on other places.

So, for bloggers who are just starting out like me. You might want to register to Google Analytics. It’s a very helpful web tool and it gives reports on many things like map overlay of visitors, visitor trending, where visitors come from, browsers used, host, referals and many other tools.


Audit Leave

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I just had a really tiring week. I don’t know why I’m getting so tired all of the time lately even if I’m really not doing much work like I used to. Then I thought, maybe I don’t like what I’m doing anymore. Maybe that’s why I’ve been so tired, discouraged, and demotivated.

I’m still searching for what my soul desired but up until now, I’m still clueless of myself. That’s why I wanted to take a break. It’s friday right now and I’m nowhere near the office. I need a vacation.

I filed an audit leave (5 consecutive work days of no work) and I just want to think things through. Much drama has been happening in the office and I don’t want to be a part of it now. I’m not affected by the drama and that is my problem. While others look forward to a resolution, I stay in my seat and wait. I’d either be happy for them or not. While for me, I’m still the same.


Gadget Chic times Three May 28, 2008

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I am just so overwhelmed with a lot of gadgets I received this week.

First, I got this free Ipod shuffle from the Compaq Presario that I bought. Its value is relatively small to the Ipod video which I already have, but still, I’m just so happy that I have an ipod that I could carry around while communting around the city with a lighter ipod on hand. And the big plus is… it’s in my favorite color : Green!

Next, my mom doesn’t know how to navigate her new phone – the Sony Ericsson P990i. Therefore, it goes into my hands for I’m a Sony Ericsson Expert! Yes, my previous phone is the P900 so I know how to navigate through the P990i in seconds, even if the software used in P990i is way different and more user-friendly than the P900. What I’m so happy about is that it has 3G and it’s wi-fi ready!

And the best part of the week is, I got my pre-ordered Panasonic Lumix TZ5! This one is not free and I really worked hard for this but it’s a bargain! It costs around Php 26,999 in the market here in Makati but I got it only for Php 17,700! So, all in all, I got the value for my money. TZ5 has been reviewed by dpreview and is highly recommended!

Im a gadget chic and this week I believe I’m the hottest gadget chic in town. I’m just so excited to make an entry bout these gadgets but don’t have the time yet to upload pictures and test shots for these pretty toys. I’ll be having a really busy week now and hopefully I could update posts within the week!


Hot Website 004: Songza May 23, 2008

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Music lovers, here’s a search engine that could give meaning to your unproductive hours at the office. Songza probably has every music here since it streams some music from youtube. I heard about this site from my friend Deepak. Although, I think you couldn’t download songs from this site. If you want to know about music search engines that do this though, you could click here to know more about Deepak’s top 8 music search engines.

This site is pretty addicting. Enjoy listening to free music. Thanks Deepak!


wanting to go back to school May 22, 2008

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I admit, I hated going to school everyday when I was in school. But now, it’s the other way around. I want to go back to the days where I get to use my brain to its full capacity.

I took a company quiz the other day and scored high on it that I even received a priceless prize for it! I just felt so proud of myself and of what I can do. I’ve never felt so challenged and excited at the same time! While I was taking the quiz, I just had my pen and paper busy. And me, I get the kind of healthy nervousness that I used to get during my school days.

I just realized that I want to go back to school. You know my dilemma right now. That is, to remain in the career that I “fairly” love; or, to dish out all my work and start applying for med school. Choosing the latter would mean I could fulfill my childhood dream and leave my “meaningful” life. But, chosing it would entail a lot of financial risk, emotional risk and basically it would just give a lot of uncertainty.

If there’s anyone out there reading this, please comment me and give me an advice. This girl’s desperate and confused. Thank you so much!


CURE’s umobile: new mobile service provider

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I just found out last monday (May 19, 2008) that there is this new mobile service provider who gives free load and free mobile internet for those priviledged ones who have “the code.” Umobile is the first ad-funded mobile service in Asia. So, as you know now, there’s really no such thing as “free” here since you would be annoyed by sms ads that suite your lifestyle, likes and personality.

But, for those who wouldn’t mind some advertisments then you might want to aquire “the code.” How do get one is not as simple as it sounds though. Even I don’t have one yet.

First, you need to be aged 15-35. You’d have to be a yuppie! Now for the hardest part to many of us, you would have to get invited. Go to their website to learn how by clicking here.


A jolt of inspiration on a tiring day May 21, 2008

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I’ve never felt so tired in my time here at work. I just had a very unpredictable workload today causing me to overtime, which is abnormal for me. I’m a very efficient employee and my employer should be glad about that. I was never late in the morning and I get my job done without OT. I am so eager to learn many things and I’m the kind of person who thinks that reward and recognition equals more opportunities, more involvement with the team and much bigger responsibilities. Oops, I think I’m a workaholic now.

I enrolled for this training we have in our company. It was about our acronyms and stuff. Ok, I think I don’t need to attend this because I think I generally know the basics. I attended this training for a much more meaningful reason. The trainor is a really cute Aussie. He invited me to join them in an earlier session but I just said that I will join him next time. Oops, my being a boy crazy in high school is back!

We had a challenge quiz and as a show-off that I am, I nailed the quiz and got a prize! I’d do anything for attention.