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Loving Whooga Uggs http://bit.ly/fKTBVy February 28, 2011

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Because Hong Kong = walking around a lot, I needed to find my perfect pair of walking boots for winter.


The Burger Project Juiciest Burgers in Manila http://bit.ly/gAqsDR February 22, 2011

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As promised, I’m sharing the BEST Burger I’ve ever tasted in Manila so far. I enjoyed every messy bite of it as the juices drip down my chin on my first bite!

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Another heavenly discovery! Vintage and French-Italian Inspired Twirls Frozen Yogurt http://bit.ly/h3on6g February 19, 2011

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Another discovery down South πŸ™‚ I love how this place makes me feel! Read more at: http://www.flaircandy.com/2011/02/vintage-and-french-italian-inspired-twirls-frozen-yogurt


New Michael Antonio Shoes White Leno-PU http://bit.ly/fOGc5O February 18, 2011

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My new baby! Price is reasonable and affordable, I didn’t even get this one on sale, but they have other items at 50% off πŸ™‚

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Blue Bloods Launch :) http://bit.ly/gqVqg9

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It’s the newest action-packed TV series on AXN. They launched yesterday, Feb 17 2011 at the Newport Ultra Cinema πŸ™‚

Read more: http://www.flaircandy.com/2011/02/blue-bloods-law-vs-blood


What I did for Valentine’s Day http://bit.ly/g3wLU6 February 17, 2011

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*mga chismoso* πŸ˜›

Seriously guys, sometimes special holidays just get hyped up all the time that we feel like we all need to do something special. If we didn’t do anything *special* or *significant* or *memorable* we feel like we are total losers. But eh, sometimes I get more satisfaction in experiencing extraordinary surprises on an ordinary day than expecting too much on a special day (like Valentines) and just get disappointed that nothing happened.

I just watched “500 Days of Summer” in Bluewater Day Spa’s Groovie Movie Wednesdays and it’s all about a boy who met a girl… and it’s not a love story. I was just reminded how a lot of people expect and hope a lot that their EXPECTATIONS = REALITY.

That’s why a lot of people get depressed, down and lonely. I’ve learned this lesson myself, not to sweat the small stuff (It’s also a book and I recommend you read it). It’s enlightening ^_^

So here’s a quick wise phrase from me to you:
Don’t expect too much from things/circumstances/people you don’t have any control with.

Instead, expect a little, and be more happy with more surprised ^_^

Oh well, if you wanna know what I did on Valentines day, read on:


Another healthy drink I recommend :) Tropicana Juice Plus Boost http://bit.ly/hVcak7 February 16, 2011

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It’s the same natural Tropicana Orange juice you guys loved before but with a boost of Calcium and Antioxidants! This juice drink that I’m sure you guys love is also high in Vitamins A, C, D and E without preservatives. These are some of the basic vitamins and minerals that our cells need without preservatives, artificial flavourings and colourings!

Read more: http://www.flaircandy.com/2011/02/healthier-tropicana-juice-plus-boost